Why advertise your contest on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

11Why advertise your contest on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

Announcing and communicating about your contest is an opportunity to make an appointment with your audience on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This type of publication guarantees that your contest will not go unnoticed. We explain why in a few steps.

1- Prepare the rules

Announcing the arrival of your contest requires having prepared it well in advance. Define the mechanics so you can prepare the rules to follow. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from our pre-filled themes!

The information displayed is:

  • The date of the launch of your contest In Pro version:
  • The date of the launch of your contest
  • The account to follow
  • The expression to add
  • The number of tags to perform

2- Choose the template

Depending on your desires, different template designs are available. Whether in terms of color or content level of rules or special events.
You can communicate in a simple way with sober designs or by directly displaying the rules of participation such as:

  • Track your account
  • Have to comment on the post
  • Number of friend tags
  • Draw date.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of our Special Valentine’s Day templates to boost your contest content!

Template valentine's day
Template Valentine’s Day

As for the publication made, you are probably wondering how:

Lukky’s tip: Don’t hesitate to use our contest meeting templates, which can help your audience know when your next contest is coming. This meeting will allow your followers not to miss the opportunity to participate. Don’t forget, your audience loves your contests, so don’t hesitate to communicate before, during, and after!

  • Annonce contest
  • Annonce contest

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