How to pick winners for your Facebook giveaway?

11How to pick winners for your Facebook giveaway?

A giveaway on Facebook is a very effective acquisition strategy. Simple enough to set up to increase your audience quickly, the drawing of winning comments is an important step to implement.

Quickly draw winners from Facebook contests.

Login with your Facebook Business/Creator account via Facebook.

Select up to 20 winners and share the results of your sweepstake as pictures or video. Choose animations from our template styles as story or post on any social platform.

1. Select the Facebook account you wish to use

2. Choose the publication for which the draw should be made

3. Define the rules of your giveaway and start the draw :

– Number of winners (up to 20)

– Increase the chances of winning (one chance to be selected regardless of the number of comments)

– Minimum number of mentions per comment

– Draw date (only comments prior to this date will be considered)

– Mandatory expression (the comment must contain this phrase to be considered)

4. Choose one of our templates and share the results!


– Keep track of all your contests to analyze their performances

– Use our rule editor to organise your next contests in seconds

– Copy and paste your rules or share them as a video in a few taps

Unlock more features by subscribing to @lukkyapp PRO:

– Unlimited draws

– Unlimited participants

– Choose the number of winners

– Delete duplicate comments

– Choose a minimum number of mentions per comment

– Choose your keywords

– Access to all image and video animation templates

– Boost your audience with our special event animations (Black Friday, Advent Calendar, Christmas …)

Download the application now and save your time!

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